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Through thick and thin, a Husky has each other's back while never giving up. Holding each other accountable and striding to get better everyday is the standard we are held to. Picking each other up when low and caring for one another is vital. It's not about hating the guy across from us, it's about working our hardest because we love the guy next to us. Attitude is controllable and will be controlled on and off the field. Setting an example for the program is essential. Most importantly, we are a pack, a team, a family. We are Husky Football. 

7 on 7 Sign up (UWEC Waiver)

Use this link to sign the 7 on 7 waivers the university needs. This is not the same as the school sign up. EVERYONE IN 7 ON 7 MUST DO THIS. TEAM CODE:ECN FB 2022 This code will get you added to North. We will split up teams from there. We will be trying to stick with grade level teams as much as possible.

7 on 7 Sign up (For Coach McGinnis' Numbers)

This is the second place to sign up for 7 on 7. This is strictly for Coach McGinnis to keep track of who is signed up and assigning teams.


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